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Rosie Whitehouse Travel and Parenting


Travel Tips for Parents




Make sure you involve them in the planning stage of the trip. You may have to repeat the details of where you are going and why but, if they feel part of it, you will have happier travelling companions.



Be vigilant at all times. Make sure they hold your hand if they are small and if they are teenagers always make sure they have the address of the place where you are staying. Remember traffic rules vary and a red light doesn't always means the cars will stop to let you cross.




Pack a few toys to keep them entertained in their own bag so they start to learn how to pack. Don't forget to check for stowaways before you lock your suitcase!




Never leave home without a snack and a bottle of water. Always make sure you have a packet of sweeties in your pocket to bring out when the going gets tough.



Temptations abound so, as soon as they are old enough to understand, set a budget and make sure they know what they are allowed to spend.



Don't take too much. Remember that you don't need to take the kitchen sink - you can buy one when you get there, if you really need one!


Never forget that swimming pools can be dangerous places and not just for tiny tots. 

Always remember to use suncream and make them wear a hat in hot weather. Make sure they drink plenty of water. Don't forget if you feel hot, sweaty and cross so do they, so cool off regularly.



With older children and teenagers remember foreign countries can be disorientating. Make sure, before you let them out on their own, that they have a map, their phones are unlocked and they have your number keyed in with the relevant country code. 

When you travel to a foreign country children will see things that they may never have experienced before. Be prepared for questions and it's important to answer them carefully as some of the things that the children see may unnerve them.


The kids will be the kids where ever you are. They won't turn into angels as soon as you leave the country. Make sure you give them time to be kids. Visit museums and parks that will interest them and above all give them time to make friends and meet new people.



Budget plenty of time for them to let off steam. Mix activities so they don't get bored. If you visit a museum in the morning, then spend the afternoon out of doors. 




Don't shy from taking children, however small, to exotic and unusual destinations. Kids love something quirky and something out of the ordinary will give them plenty to munch on. Just be prepared for the endless questions that will follow!

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