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The Liguria guide is full of fun places to eat. Here's an idea of what's inside the book:






Piazzetta San Antonio, 15, Borgo Marina, Imperia; 0183 666892


I sit down at a table in the middle of the terrace with my fourteen year old daughter, Eve. We have had a hard day running around hill top villages for Bradt Travel Guides. We get our drinks but no menu. She is starving.


Every five minutes a tasty looking pizza or pasta dish comes out of the kitchen door. The waiter yells the name of the dish and someone puts their hand up. A large dish of meaty pasta is offered to me. I'm a vegetarian and I haven't ordered and am getting rather confused.


"Grief Ma! You shout when you see something you want," says Eve. Her Italian is better than mine by a long shot.


A rather tasty looking prawn pizza passes and she bags it. "Ah, sorry not good for you. I'll have to eat it all." Clearly the point of coming here I see, by observing the tables around me, is to share. 


As I haven't seen the menu I don't know what anything costs. Not a good position to be in, as my daughter flags down an artichoke pizza and a pasta dish. How much can she possibly eat!


L'Oasis is great fun. It's perfect for big get togethers and also romantic evenings. The couple next to me a staring into each others' eyes over a fabulous chocloate dessert.


I have never seen anything quite like this before and relax as I get the hang of things and discover that each main, whatever it is, costs just €8.




U Giancu, Località San Massimo, Via San Massimo, 78; 0185 260505;;;


This is a cult restaurant on a hilltop 5km above Rapallo with a great atmosphere. Fausto Oneto, was literally brought up in the kitchen of his parents’ restaurant that he now runs. He’s a comic book, a fumetti fanatic & the restaurant is decorated with cartoons.


He’s a real character & changes his brightly coloured hats numerous times throughout the evening. He’s written a cookbook that’s illustrated with cartoons & there are recipes on the website. He uses vegetables from his own garden when he can & even has a kid’s playground. The restaurant’s motto is ‘everyone’s welcome’. Fausto also gives cooking lessons. 





Osteria all'Inferno

Via Costa Lorenzo 3, La Spezia 0187 29458 Closed Sun






This busy little restaurant has a laid back atmosphere and serves Ligurian specialities in a vaulted cellar. The soups are tasty and the homemade pesto is made with both pine nuts and walnuts. There is an array of local dishes to choose from but there is no printed menu as they only cook what is in season. Best of all this is a restaurant that won't break the bank, something that is always top of my agenda.

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The New Liguria Guide is Out Now!




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THE FIRST DEDICATED GUIDE TO LIGURIA, one of Italy's most beautiful regions.


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My Bradt guide to Liguria won the Italian Tourist Board's Best Guidebook 2013 Award. Thanks chaps!