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We have been all over Italy. Here's a few suggestions of what we think is fun. This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Italians love fireworks and you can see fanatstic displays in seaside resorts on August 15, on New Year’s Eve and on many saints days across the country. 



History Buffs will like getting to grips with the Rotten Romans in Rome. At the Coliseum the ruthless blood curdling side of ancient Rome never fails to interest kids. 

Fancy hiking up to the top of an active volcano? Head for Sicily’s Mount Etna. That should impress any grumpy teenager!



In Florence, the bridge made out of houses, otherwise known as the Ponte Vecchio, always catches children's imagination. It is at its best at sunset and under a moonlit sky. Taking a late night stroll is always a thrill for juniors.




If you are in Piedmont, head for Alba. A sweet scent drifts in the air in this southern Piedmontese town. It’s the home of Nutella.





Food won’t be an issue in Italy. Naples is the home of pizza and the no fuss margherita is its flagship dish. Besides the pizza and the ice cream there is plenty of street food, which is perfect for little grazers.






Pinocchio fans will love Tuscany’s Parco di Pinocchio, near Lucca. The Adventures of Pinocchio, by the Tuscan writer Carlo Collodi, was published in 1883.




Go Wonkers on a tour of the Perugina chocolate factory in Perugia. Nestle make thousands of Baci chocolates here every week.



Take a trip to the Dolomites to see Otzi ‘The Iceman’ in Bolzano. He is Europe’s oldest natural mummy and was discovered high in the mountains in 1991. He lived in 3300BC and his mummified corpse will certainly something to write about when they get back to school!


Fancy staying in a munchkin house? Kids love the conical houses in Alberobello in Puglia. Many of them have been turned into fun B&Bs.

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