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Rosie Whitehouse Travel and Parenting


1. Eat and Drink Liguria

2. Visit Genoa - The heart of Liguria

Genoa is a real port city, vibrant and definitely on the up. Henry James called it the 'queerest place in the world' and it certainly is different than any other city in Italy.

In many ways it is rather like London as it was badly bombed in the Second World War and hastily rebuilt. The Geneose have a reputaion among their compatriots for being frugal and despite their extraordinary wealth in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, they were never tempted to spend money changing things that didn't need mending. As a result the old town is one of the largest medieval cities in Europe. 

Old Genoa is a fantastic labyrith of alleyways. It's also home to some fanatstic palaces and art galleries and to boot you are likely to have them all to yourself, as the city is not over run by tourists and retains an authenticity that can be lacking in some places in Italy.

3. The Bright Blue Sea

4. The Mountains

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