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Need Advice? Consultancy for Expat Families in London

Moving to a foreign country isn't easy. I know, I have done it. Sending your children to school in a language that you don't speak at home is baffling. I know I've done that too.


I have spent years advising parents about how to adapt to life in Britian, find the perfect place to live and how to get the best out of British education. I have the answer to some silly questions like 'What exactly is a chip buttie and do I have to eat it?' and some practical ones like 'Which is the best 


I also have the answers to some more serious worries such as 'What is a GCSE?' 'How do I choose a school?' 'How do I back my children up at home when I don't know anything about Britian?' and as they grow 'How can you tell one university from another, let alone if it will suit your child?'

I can offer advice on a wide range of topics from what to do when you need a doctor or if you think your child has a learing difficulty, whom you should consult.


If your children are in, or about to apply for a place in a British school, they need to start thinking like a British person. I can unwrap Britain and advise families on how to teach their children about the country. It doesn't all have to be done trudging round museums either.

Sometimes you just need someone to point you in the right direction, never more so when you are far from home in a country you know little about. If you would like some help send me a message via the Contacts page, outline your requirements and I will send back a selction of advice packages that will suit all budgets, different nationalities and different age groups. Don't worry if your English is not that good you can write to me in French, Italian and Russian.

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